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Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are the advantages of artificial grass?

Artificial grass features weather-resistance, eco-friendly, simulation, durability and cost-effectiveness, and has a wide range of applications and strong adaptability when compared with natural grass.

How long does artificial grass last?

The lifespan of artificial grass is subject to exercise duration, exercise intensity and UV rays. As the location and service time vary, the lifespan of artificial grass also varies. Generally, LRGrass artificial grass can last around 6–8 years.

What is artificial grass made of?

It is generally made of PE, PP or PA (nylon). Artificial grass made of PE has good performance and is widely accepted by the public; artificial grass made of PP has hard grass fibers, and is suitable for tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. Artificial grass made of PA (nylon) is generally a little expensive and is suitable for golf courts and other high-end places. You may choose corresponding artificial grass according to your application.

What production process is adopted for artificial grass production?

Generally, tufting, weaving and needling production process are adopted for artificial grass production. LRGrass mainly adopts tufting production process. If you have special requirements, we can customize artificial grass according to your needs.

What kinds of artificial grass backings are available?

We can offer PP woven cloth, non-woven fabric and PET backings and a variety of backing combinations. We also provide customization services, you can customize artificial grass according to your working environment and requirements.

What kinds of artificial grass coatings are available?

We can not only provide traditional SBR and PU coatings for artificial grass, but also supply new recyclable coating and recyclable non-adhesive PRT coating to achieve the overall recycling and granulation of artificial grass. You can choose proper coating by comparing various coatings.

How do artificial grass fields drain water?

Our artificial grass allows moisture to drain off the artificial grass surface smoothly while keeping the surface dry. Besides, we recommend finger system and channel drainage to help you drain the water out of your field quickly, so that the field can be put into use as soon as possible after the rain.

How to maintain your artificial grass properly?

We can offer artificial grass precautions and maintenance guidance to help you maintain your artificial grass correctly and extend its lifespan.

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