Ideal Feel, Beyond Real!

Artificial Grass with Good Wear Resistance and Excellent Resilience


Many countries across the world are subject to geographical location, extreme natural conditions and their economic conditions. Moreover, a considerable number of natural grass courts must be added with ceilings and other facilities, which makes the laying and maintenance of natural grass become more difficult. Under such conditions, artificial synthetic grass stands out due to its great advantages. Over a long term of development, artificial grass technology becomes increasingly mature and many indicators get close to natural grass, and can perfectly meet all technical requirements of professional sports competitions on ground surface.

Natural looking

It looks exactly real like natural grass.

High quality and cost-effective

We can offer high quality, cost-effective artificial grass solutions.

High surface evenness

If offers consistent ball rolling and rebound paths.


It never shades color due to sun exposure.

Weather resistant

Suitable for all weather conditions.

Easy to clean and maintain

It is easy to maintain when compared with natural grass.



So far, artificial grass has been widely used in the venues of major international competitions. In China, artificial grass products have undergone a rapid development stage. An increasingly number of primary and secondary schools are joining the users of artificial grass products. Artificial grass products have entered a new stage of unprecedented development as it allows more and more people to really experience the fun of sports!

Furthermore, the environmental protection and recycling of artificial grass are getting an ever-growing attention of researchers. At LRGrass, we are committed to the study of this task. So far, we have developed eco-friendly, recyclable coating to ensure it will not cause damage to the environment while meeting the users' demands on artificial grass.

Natural grass sports field before laying artificial grass