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Artificial Grass Putting Green Reduces Golf Course Construction Costs

Artificial grass putting green is a popular alternative to golf course. With the growth of modern golf, especially the birth of artificial grass putting greens makes ordinary human beings can enjoy the fun of the sports in the courtyard, roof or office. While real grass on a golf course requires a lot of maintenance to keep it in top condition all year round. Artificial grass putting green not only brings the experience exactly the same as natural turf, but also requires less maintenance than natural turf. It can be used all year round with no seasonal restrictions. If the turf is poor quality, it will reduce the experience of golf sports. So, artificial grass putting green needs to have a uniform, smooth surface, and consistent height so that the ball can roll smoothly on the turf.

Artificial grass putting green for home yard.
Grass fiber structure:

Elastic grass fiber shall be selected.

Curly fiber:

Enhanced elasticity and fiber density make the turf denser.

Pile height:

10–20 mm

Grass fiber weight:

4400–10000 DTEX


The ball rolls undirectionally on artificial turf.


Uniform infill, no excess pebbles are permitted to maximize the flatness of artificial turf to a large extent.

Artificial grass putting green structure
  • Height: (mm) 10–20
  • Gauge: (inch) 3/16", 1/4", 3/8"
  • DTEX: 4400–10000
  • Density: (tufts/m2) 29400–71400
  • PP + PP + grid backing
  • PP + PET + grid backing
  • PP + non-woven fabric + grid backing
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable coating
  • Recyclable non-adhesive coating
  • PU coating
  • SBR coating
Artificial grass putting green with thatch
Popular Grass Fiber Recommendationss
Yellow flags are inserted in artificial grass putting green.
China · Lingrui
White flags are inserted in artificial grass putting green.
China · Lingrui
A golf and a golf club are placed on artificial grass putting green.
China · Lingrui