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Artificial Grass Coating Types & Features

Artificial grass coating is a material that holds grass fibers and backing together as a whole. Currently, SBR coating and PU coating are commonly used, PU coating is a little expensive but more effective. In addition, LRGrass has developed new eco-friendly, recyclable coating and recyclable non-adhesive PRT coating.

Coating Types
Traditional Coatings New Coatings
Artificial grass with SBR coating

SBR Coating

Artificial grass with PU coating

PU Coating

Artificial grass with recyclable non-adhesive PRT coating

Recyclable Non-Adhesive PRT Coating

Artificial grass with eco-friendly, recyclable coating

Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Coating

The Bonding Method Between Grass Fibers and Backing Gluing Gluing Hot melting Hot melting
Adhesive or Non-Adhesive SBR coating PU coating Non-adhesive Melting coating
Water Permeability Perforated hole water permeability – general Perforated water permeability – general Direct water permeability – great Strong turflock
Turflock Capacity Grass fibers are prone to fall off in moisture conditions. General Strong turflock Strong turflock
Eco-Friendly Performance Unrecyclable Unrecyclable 100% recyclable 100% recyclable
Softness Little hard Little hard Soft Very soft
Thermal Stability Stable temperature, no expansion Stable temperature, no expansion Stable temperature, no expansion Stable temperature, no expansion
Weight A little heavy A little heavy Lighter Lightest
New Coating VS Traditional SBR Coating