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Playground Artificial Turf Brings Infinite Fun for Amusement

Colored full-play grass for children's playgrounds is a type of synthetic turf designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and visually appealing surface for children to play on. It is typically made of soft cushioning materials to cushion falls and reduce the risk of injury. Colored full-play grass provides a safe, comfortable, visually appealing, and low-maintenance option for children's playgrounds. Its durability, customization, and bright colors make it an excellent choice for schools, playgrounds, or community centers looking to create a fun and safe playing environment for children.

Many kids are playing on playground artificial turf.
  • Various bright & vibrant colors.

    This makes it an ideal choice for children's playgrounds as bright colors can help create an engaging and stimulating environment that encourages active play.

  • Highly durable.

    It can withstand heavy use by children without becoming damaged or worn out. This makes it an excellent long-term investment for playgrounds or schools that experience a lot of foot traffic.

  • Easy to maintain.

    It does not require mowing, watering, or fertilizing, making it a low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for playgrounds.

Grass fiber material:

PE and PP ensures the safety of recreational activities.

Grass fiber structure:

A combination of straight fibers and thatch is provided to enhance the softness of artificial turf.

Pile height:

20–50 mm


The surface is free from excess stones to prevent personnel from getting injured because of hard object impact.


It shall be resistant to UV, bacteria and static electricity to ensure the skin is not damaged because of contact.


Good water permeability backing is preferred to prevent the turf surface from pooling.

  • Height: (mm) 15
  • DTEX: 6000
  • Density: (tufts/m2) 63000
  • PP + PP + grid backing
  • PP + PET + grid backing
  • PP + non-woven fabric + grid backing
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable coating
  • Recyclable non-adhesive coating
  • PU coating
  • SBR coating
Non-infill artificial turf with a mixture of monofilament grass fibers and thatch
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Playground artificial turf with a large slide
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Playground artificial turf with a small slide
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Playground artificial turf is placed on a slope.
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