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Excellent Production Capacity Ensures High Quality Production

With a 15,000 m2 factory area, LRGrass is always committed to providing our customers with superior artificial grass and considerate services since its foundation. We adhere to developing new eco-friendly products to adapt to ever-changing market demands and meet customers' customization needs. LRGrass has strong artificial grass production capacity and can finish customers' orders flexibly and efficiently, no matter big or small.

Advanced Equipment

Every figure marks the effort and devotion LRGrass made in the process of artificial grass production and R&D. We will also continue to improve our production process and production equipment to provide our customers with better services.

Artificial grass annual output

m2 Annual Output

Artificial grass fiber types

Grass Fiber Types

Artificial grass particle mixing machine

Particle Mixing Machines

Artificial grass yarn extruding machine

Yarn Extruding Machines

Artificial grass tufting machine

Tufting Machines

Artificial grass drying machine

Drying Machines

Artificial grass drilling machine

Drilling Machines

Artificial grass rolling machine

Rolling Machines

Skillful Technical Workers

All our operators have gone through strict training. They have years' of production experience, get familiar with every production link and can skillfully operate all mechanical devices.

100% Product Inspection

Every piece of artificial grass is tested both during and after production. Every time when tufting is finished, our worker will check the artificial grass and replenish grass fibers. When the whole production process is completed, we will test the overall performance of artificial grass. In addition, we can supply CNAS and ILAC test report upon request.

Test report issued by third-party testing authority
Customization Services

We know that customers' demands for artificial grass differs as their uses vary. We will help you choose the right artificial grass according to your specific application, including pile height, Dtex, density, size and installation & maintenance methods, to turn your idea into reality.