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Artificial Grass Structure

Here, we'd like to explain the detailed artificial grass structure. It consists of grass fiber, backing and coating. We choose high quality grass fibers, aiming to bring users the exact same experience effect as natural grass. Backing made of different materials can meet various needs of customers to ensure the lifespan of artificial grass. We can offer both traditional coating, and independently-developed recyclable coating and eco-friendly coating. They not only play the role of securing the artificial grass, but also do no harm to the environment.

Detailed artificial grass structure
01. Grass Fiber

Grass fibers are divided into monofilament fibers, fibrillated fibers and thatch.

A picture of monofilament fiber
Monofilament Fiber

Monofilament fiber features thin, high density and high degree of overall simulation. Its structure is similar to natural grass. It has a long lifespan and better wear resistance than fibrillated grass fibers and is mainly used in sports venues.

  • C-shape blade artificial grass

    C-shape blade

  • Diamond blade artificial grass

    Diamond blade

  • Double S blade artificial grass

    Double S blade

  • Double W blade artificial grass

    Double W blade

  • Hollow blade artificial grass

    Hollow blade

  • M-shape blade artificial grass

    M-shape blade

  • 7-stem blade artificial grass

    7-stem blade

  • S-shape blade artificial grass

    S-shape blade

  • Stem blade artificial grass

    Stem blade

  • U-shape blade artificial grass

    U-shape blade

  • V-shape blade artificial grass

    V-shape blade

  • W-shape blade artificial grass

    W-shape blade

  • U-stem blade artificial grass

    U-stem blade

Artificial grass thatch

With good resilience and close to natural grass looking, it is mainly used as landscape turf. Mixed with monofilament fibers, it plays the role of support and enhances the lawn density, making the lawn denser and more vivid. Additionally, it also used in various sports pitches and works as golf turf, hockey turf, etc.

Fibrillated artificial grass fiber
Fibrillated Fiber

Fibrillated fiber has a wide tape and limited applications. It is widely used in basket and tennis sport fields.

02. Backing

It is generally a triple-layer structure and is the material that sewn on the artificial grass plastic fibers. It features little shrinkage, high tensile, non-deformation, UV-resistant, ant-aging and smooth surface and ensures the lifespan of artificial turf.

PP+ PP+ grid backing

Combination 1

PP + PET + grid backing

Combination 2

PP + non-woven fabric + grid backing cloth

Combination 3

03. Coating

Backing glue is a material necessary for fixing artificial grass. The two most popular coating materials are styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) and polyurethane (PU). PU offers good coating effect but very effective. There is also a new product - recyclable non-adhesive PRT.