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Artificial Grass – Low Maintenance Costs & Long Service Life

Artificial grass is generally made of PE, PP, PA (nylon) yarns or synthetic fibers of PE and PP. It looks like natural grass from its appearance, but it overcomes the drawbacks of natural grass that cannot grow in extreme climates, require high maintenance costs, and cannot be planted in covered stadiums. Artificial grass was firstly laid for sports events held on grass, and now it is also widely used in residential and commercial activities.

Artificial grass with new, recyclable coating

Artificial grass consists of grass fiber, backing and coating. We choose high quality grass fibers, aiming to bring users the exact same experience effect as natural grass. Backing features little shrinkage, high tensile, non-deformation, and guarantees the service life of artificial grass. Additionally, our independently developed coating has good air permeability and water permeability. It not only plays the role of artificial grass fixing, but also is recyclable and does no harm to the environment.

The detailed structure of artificial grass

Artificial grass laying components include infills, shock pads and nails. Infills are a key part of the artificial turf system as it ensures grass fibers remain upright like natural grass. Shock pads get inserted between the artificial grass and the base as a shock absorbing layer, and possess an elasticity and cushioning effect. Nails are used in artificial grass installation for fixing and are also known as the adhesive that holds the whole structure of artificial grass together.

Artificial grass laying components