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Pet Artificial Turf Offers A Comfortable Playing Environment for Pets

Pet artificial turf is specially designed for pets. It is durable and safe for all family members and pets. With natural grass, animal urine makes the whole yard smell bad. Besides, dirt also makes animals a mess. If the turf is poor quality, it not only affects the pets' playing environment, but also the hygiene in the yard. When using artificial turf, turf deodorant is provided at the bottom of the turf during the installation to help your turf always fresh and odorless, making your pet free from rolling around in the dirt.

A dog is laying on artificial grass.
Grass fiber material:

Soft PP and PE

Grass fiber structure:

A combination of straight grass fibers and thatch increases the softness of the turf.

Pile height:

Short grass fiber ensures users can clean solid wastes quickly.


Non-toxic, anti-bacteria infills are used to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.


Good water permeability backing ensures pet urine completely drains out.


Non-fill Structure:

  • Height: (mm) 20–60
  • Gauge: (inch) 3/8"
  • DTEX: 6500–14000
  • Density: (tufts/m2) 16800–25200

Thatch Structure:

  • Height: (mm) 10–20
  • Gauge: (inch) 3/16", 1/4", 3/8"
  • DTEX: 4400–10000
  • Density: (tufts/m2) 29400–71400
  • PP + PP + grid backing
  • PP + PET + grid backing
  • PP + non-woven fabric + grid backing
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable coating
  • Recyclable non-adhesive coating
  • PU coating
  • SBR coating
Non-infill artificial turf with a mixture of monofilament grass fibers and thatch
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2 dogs are playing on artificial turf.
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 A cute dog is walking on artificial turf.
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