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Thatch Production Process – ATY & KDK

Artificial grass thatch has elasticity and looks similarly to natural grass. It generally works with monofilament fibers to play the role of support. Besides, it also increases the turf density, makes it look lusher and more realistic.

Thatch production process is divided into ATY and KDK production process. LRGrass use both ATY and KDK to produce artificial grass thatch to offer more options for customers and meet the demands of different applications.

Artificial grass thatch
KDK production process is used to produce artificial grass thatch.


ATY production process is used to produce artificial grass thatch


Process Knit multiple monofilament yarn and then fix it by high temperature to make the crimps. Texturize the monofilament yarn by the air pressure. The curly degree is subject to the nozzle valve and air pressure.
Fullness and completeness
Tufting time Not exceeding 3 weeks. No time limit.
Shape durability 6 years 3 years
Application field High-end sports fields and landscaping lawns Common sports fields

Compared with ATY, KDK greatly improves its performance and can adapt to high-end sports fields. KDK is generally adopted for LRGrass artificial grass thatch production. If you need ATY process to produce artificial grass thatch, please contact us directly.