Not Real, But Better!

Non-Fill Artificial Grass With Various Types Guarantees Higher Safety & Lower Maintenance

Non-fill artificial grass is made up of curved and straight yarn, with the curved yarn replacing quartz sand and rubber particle infill.

Non-fill turf does not contain any performance infill. They have a 'thatch layer' consisting of a dense layer of texturized fibres at the bottom of the product that takes over the technical characteristics of the surface, formerly provided by the infill material. The texturized fibres ensure the so-called 'pile fibres' are standing up straight, they provide grip, energy absorption and restitution and the correct ball bounce. This type of artificial grass is specifically designed to provide an ideal playing surface for football.

Different types of non-fill artificial grass and application on football field
  • Improved Ball Performance

    The height of the non-fill artificial grass designed by our technical department is 30 mm. It has been shown that it can promote better ball control and consistent ball roll due to its shorter pile height. Players can experience a more predictable and reliable ball movement, enabling enhanced passing, shooting, and precision during gameplay.

  • Reduced Maintenance

    LRgrass's non-fill artificial grass does not require the regular addition of infill materials such as rubber or sand. This significantly reduces maintenance efforts and costs associated with replenishing and redistributing fill materials, making it a more convenient and cost-effective option.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Non-fill artificial grass with denser curly yarn and straight yarn, provides good support. It offers excellent shock absorption and impact attenuation, reducing the risk of falls and collisions. The absence of infill materials also minimizes the potential for abrasive injuries, ensuring a safer playing surface for athletes.

  • Improved Drainage

    Non-fill artificial grass generally has better drainage capability than fill type artificial grass. It allows rainwater and other liquids to pass quickly through the turf system, preventing water buildup on the field and ensuring consistent playability even in wet conditions.

LRgrass can provide the following types of non-fill artificial turf for football fields:
Non-Fill Artificial Grass Types
Item Pile Height (mm) Gauge (inch) Density (tufts) DTEX. Picture
Type-1 30 3/8 21,000 12,000
Non-fill artificial grass type-1
Type-2 30 3/8 21,000 14,000
Non-fill artificial grass type-2
Type-3 30 3/8 21,000 14,000
Non-fill artificial grass type-3
Type-4 30 3/8 26,250 14,000
Non-fill artificial grass type-4
Type-5 30 3/8 21,000 16,000
Non-fill artificial grass type-5
Type-6 30 3/8 21,000 17,000
Non-fill artificial grass type-6

LRgrass's non-infill sports turf is widely used in 5-a-side, 7-a-side, and 11-a-side football fields, fully meeting the needs of commercial and professional football fields. Our turf is uniquely designed to provide excellent performance, durability, and safety without the need for traditional rubber infill. This innovative solution has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it eliminates many of the disadvantages associated with traditional turf while offering a more sustainable and eco-friendly option. Whether you're looking for a high-performance playing surface for your local football club or a commercial venue, LRgrass has the perfect solution for you.

Non-fill artificial grass for 7-a-side football field