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Artificial Grass Base Layer Laying

Artificial grass base layer is the base paved before laying the artificial grass to ensure that artificial grass is fixed on a flat surface. The base layer is composed of 3 sub base layers. The first layer is existing soil, the second layer is made of hydrophobic gravels and the third layer can be asphalt base, gravel base or cement base, which kind of base is used depends on local climate and your budget.

Artificial grass base layer laying
3-Layer Basic Structure
01 Optional Underlay
  • Asphalt
    • Ordinary asphalt. It is a common choice for asphalt base, and the price is slightly cheaper.
    • Hydrophobic asphalt. It features high cost, complex construction and less used. It has good strength and ductility, and is an ideal choice for base layer, especially suitable for regions with a cold climate and a large temperature difference, but the cost is high.
  • Cement
    Good strength, economic and practical, suitable for regions with a small temperature difference, but poor ductility
  • Cement stone powder
    Short construction period, low cost, good drainage performance, but poor weather resistance, easy to oxidize and cause a uneven ground base.
02 Prepared Sub Base
  • Hydrophobic gravel: The lowest cost, good drainage performance, but poor rigidity and stability, easy to loosen the substrate after long time use, thus leading to uneven base.
03 Existing Soil
Artificial grass base layer detailed structure.

Additionally, we can recommended the right base layer according to your specific conditions.