Not Real, But Better!

Artificial Turf for the 11-a-side Football Pitch of Chinese Troops

A large football field artificial turf that has been fully installed.

Artificial turf for the 11-a-side football field of the Ordos Troops - China

Customer Demands
  • Turf type: Infilled football grass
  • Blade shape: Stem
  • Anti-slip and shock absorbing
  • UV resistance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Grass fiber: PE
  • Pile height: 50 mm
  • Density (needle/m2): 10500
  • DTEX: 8800
  • Materials. Yarns are 100% PE, and backings are environmental protection masterbatches.
  • High surface consistency. We recommend U-shape blades. Our artificial grass is closer to the texture and color of natural grass, more realistic, and UV resistant.
  • Safety. We recommend high quality straight and curly yarns.
  • Low maintenance. We recommend artificial turf that meets client's requirements for excellent playing surface and safety. We have a detailed turf solution and sent the sample to our client for evaluation.
  • Life-time. 6-8 years.
Customer Comment

A professional company and help us build a satisfied football field.


China Ordos Troop 11-A-Side Football Pitch Artificial Turf