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China Shaanxi Kindergarten Artificial Turf Laid as Playground Turf

Artificial grass for Baota district 18th kindergarten playground in China

Baota District 18th Kindergarten - China

Customer Demands
  • Turf type: Straight + Curly
  • Blade shape: Stem
  • Color: Green, purple, blue, yellow, and red
  • UV resistance
  • Soft
  • Eco-friendly
  • Grass fiber: PE
  • Pile height: 35 mm
  • Density (needle/m2): 18900
  • DTEX: 10000
  • Materials. Yarns are 100% PE, and backings are PP + NET + SBR.
  • UV resistance. We recommend 100% PE material with UV resistance.
  • Safety. Soft and high quality straight and curly yarns.
  • Low maintenance. We recommend artificial turf that meets client's requirements for performance, softness, eco-friendliness, and safety. We have a detailed turf solution and sent the sample to our client for evaluation.
  • Life-time. 5 years.
Customer Comment

LRgree Artificial grass is soft and feels like regular grass. Our children do not easily scratch their knees and elbows if they travel and fall on the turf.


China Shaanxi Kindergarten Playground Artificial Turf