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Artificial Grass Applications & Advantages

Artificial Grass Application

Artificial grass is generally made of synthetic fibers. It not only looks like natural grass from its appearance, but also overcomes the difficulties that natural grass cannot grow under extreme climate conditions and high maintenance costs. Now, it is widely used in sports, residential, recreational or commercial activities.


It can be installed almost on all base surfaces and has a low requirements on base quality. It is free from cracking, foaming and delaminating worries, simple and economical. Artificial grass is made of eco-friendly materials and finished products are prepared for construction. The construction period is fixed and short, construction quality is easily controlled and acceptance is also simple.

  • Artificial grass sports ground has a beautiful overall layout, high utilization rate and up to 8 years of service life.
  • It only requires simple maintenance and low maintenance costs. It only needs clean water to remove dirt and it features no fading and non-deformation.
  • It features shock absorption, no noise, safe and harmless, resilient and good flame retardance. It is an ideal choice for training, activity and competition fields.
  • Artificial grass is safe and eco-friendly and is designed to avoid sports injuries. It can provide enough cushioning to reduce the damage that a hard surface may cause to your feet and let you free from worries.
  • Artificial grass line is directly woven, which makes your free from repeatedly line drawing and maintenance becomes easier and requires little maintenance costs.